Key Subject Areas

At this foundation stage our focus is on the core subjects of Literacy, Maths and Science supplemented by other extension subjects.

Literacy is taught as a daily lesson organized into different parts namely: Reading & Comprehension; Spelling & Vocabulary; Language Arts; and Creative Writing. Primary children are expected to read an average of a book a week and submit a book report which includes a presentation to class members.

Mathematics is taught daily, consisting of a mental starter, which may involve reviewing previous work, using mental strategies and encouraging speed of calculation. The main lesson is segmented into concept appreciation and problem solving.

Science is taught using the enquiry based approach and focuses on the application of scientific concepts in real life situations. The class is very interactive and incorporates the use of various multimedia and internet based resources.

Reasoning and Problem Solving:- We seek to instill problem solving skills in our children through a weekly reasoning lesson which is administered through a series of case studies and puzzles. The lesson is segmented into verbal and nonverbal reasoning sessions.

Digital Technologies is integrated into the curriculum and all children are expected to have a laptop or similar electronic device to assess some of the study materials which will be made available in digital formats. We do not however recommend exposing children to unsupervised use of the internet. Also the device is strictly for study and electronic games are not allowed on it.

Religious Instruction:- KDL is a secular school and as such does not promote one religion over another. There is a weekly moral education session which is dedicated to instilling moral values in our children to make them responsible adults.

The Creatives:- Given that some pupils are better able to express themselves through the arts, design and other creative endeavors, our children are provided with a range of interesting and exciting resources and are introduced to an array of skills and artistry such as ballet/music with a view to unearthing their creative talents.

Our World:- We also seek to create a keen awareness of their community and the world in which we live focusing on extension subjects areas such history, geography,and  general knowledge.