The Curriculum

KDL provides an excellent curriculum designed to build a strong foundation in the core areas of English, Maths, Science, Digital Technology and Problem Solving Skills as well as a lateral knowledge of The World Around Us.

Our blended curriculum is structured along the lines of the Cambridge Primary Program but designed to facilitate a seamless transition into any world class educational system.

We complement this with a strong emphasis on socio-emotional intelligence recognizing that this is equally as important as academic intelligence. We also seek to instill a strong sense of morality, good manners and values in our children and to develop a love of learning and books in them.

We adopt a thematic approach in which children learn through topics designed to inspire their interest and creativity.  We engage in lots of exciting, hands-on activities, which engages children and inspires curiosity.

  • Foundation Stage

This is grouped into the Nursery and Reception class according to age groups. Pupils in this stage are aged from 3-5 years old and the curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation System (EYFS) program.

  • Primary Stage

This is for pupils aged from 5-11 years and is a blended curriculum structured along the lines of the Cambridge Primary Curriculum.