Letter from Management

Our Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking time to explore our website. We trust that your visit to our very engaging website will help you decide on the choice of school for your precious children.

Kinderland was established with the singular vision to provide a congenial and homely environment where children can start their early year’s education away from the “hustle and bustle and stress” that characterizes city life. Our facility is therefore nestled in a green and homely environment designed to ensure that our children can spend their early years in a safe, serene and secure environment. We believe in play as an integral part of early learning and operate under the maxim: Play, Learn and Grow Together.

As an institution we are proud of ourselves and all that we have achieved, having built a solid reputation as an emerging brand in our community. We are a vibrant and engaging school with a blended curriculum structured along the lines of the ‘Cambridge Primary Curriculum”, tailored to raise disciplined, respectful children who would impact their society in a positive way.

We are a secular school and believe in fostering respect for all irrespective of religion, race or colour.Our core objective is to build a very solid academic foundation by focusing on the foundation subjects of literacy and numeracy skills even as we discover the world around us, coupled with good problem solving skills and a strong sense of morality.

We see children as precious gifts and believe that every boy and girl born into this world is a dream to be nurtured. It is the collective efforts of parents and educators to nurture that dream. We at Kinderland have positioned ourselves to complement the efforts of parents to ensure that each child reaches for his star and realizes his dream and aspirations.

In conclusion, we reiterate our passionate commitment to give you the best head-start in life and are firm in our belief that you that you will never be disappointed.

We again are happy to welcome you into our family and look forward to playing and learning and growing together with you.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and looking forward to a follow up visit so you can experience for yourself that “Kinderland is just like home”!

Akua Frema Mensah – Principal